Sunday 27 November 2011

DePuy ASRs Chain Reaction of Damage

Article by
Kevin Timms
The New York Times released an article entitled Remedy is Elusive as Metallic Hips Fail at a Fast Rate. This article explains the true extent of damage which can be caused by an artificial hip implant manufactured by DePuy International Limited, the DePuy ASR hip implant.

The extent of the injuries were described as a biological dead zone. Though all hip implants will wear with time, the article details the severity of the injuries which can occur in younger individuals as a result of cobal and chromium debris wear from the DePuy ASR hip implants.

It transpires that over ten years ago researchers had warned about the risk of metal wear from metal on metal hip implants, yet the manufacturers continued to develop these products without properly investing in establishing the full extent of metal wear and the effect cobalt and chromium ions can have on the body. Now, the DePuy ASR hip implant could be one of the biggest medical device failures.

As a result of the cobalt and chromium wear from DePuy ASR hip implants not being fully understood, patients have found themselves potentially being misdiagnosed and referred between a variety of specialists. Once it had become public knowledge of the hazardous effects of cobalt and chromium ions being released, many patients had endured prolonged pain and suffering with a risk of the damage lasting. One such problem in the way patient hip pain was being investigated was that blood tests and scans had to be carried out in a particular way and therefore the usual tests for hip pain symptoms were not identifying the problem.

The New York Times Article reported that "All orthopedic implants, regardless of their composition, shed debris as they wear. But researchers say they believe that the particles released by some all-metal hips pose a special threat because scavenger cells dispatched by the body to neutralize the debris convert it into biologically active metallic ions. In some patients, a chain reaction begins that can destroy tissue and muscle." (emphasis added).

Now that medical care providers are aware of the way in which problems with the DePuy ASR and other metal on metal hip implants can be identified, the number of people who have established that they have been injured as a result these hip implants is increasing. However, this number is likely to grow as tissue destruction is occurring silently in some patients who have no obvious symptoms like pain. This is a "complex phenomenon".

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