Saturday 31 December 2011

Garden House Solicitors, the Breast Implant Regulators and the Press

Article by
Kevin Timms
Garden House Solicitors has been at the centre of the PIP breast implant scandal with regards to the media’s reporting of the subject. Kevin Timms of Garden House Solicitors has been highly reported by the international press.

The PIP breast implant scandal arose when France reported that eight women were known to have cancer and PIP breast implants in France. However, it was subsequently established that there is no link to cancer.  The French have also recommended the removal of PIP breast implants from all women in France. Kevin Timms has discussed the issues arising from France and how they relate to women in the UK extensively with the media and has been in contact with the MHRA in the UK, AFSSAPS in France, the TGA in Australia and other medical device regulators throughout Europe where PIP breast implants have been used.

Friday 30 December 2011

Stricter Cosmetic Surgery Regulations Suggested – The GHS Perspective

Article by
Kevin Timms
The 30,000 women in France who have been recommended to have their PIP breast implants removed as a result of inherent defects in the breast implants has left up to 40,000 to 50,000 women in the UK unnecessarily in fear as a result of the MHRA and other UK authorities stating there are no health risks associated with PIP breast implants.

MPs are now suggesting that, as a result of the PIP breast implant scandal, cosmetic surgery patients could be put on a database to help prevent another scare like this.

Wednesday 28 December 2011

PIP Breast Implants - Not Approved by Regulators

Article by
Kevin Timms
The lawyer acting on behalf of PIP and its founder, Jean Claude Mas has released a statement about the affairs of PIP.

The lawyer, Yves Haddad, told Reuters yesterday that most of the breast implants sold by PIP since 1991 were produced using a silicone that was not approved by health authorities.

Mr Haddad said that PIP sold “simple” breast implants made with silicone that was not approved by health authorities and a high end breast implant using approved silicone for wealthier clients.

PIP Breast Implants – A Defective History for a Defective Breast Implant

Article by
Kevin Timms
In the year 2000 the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) in America raised concerns about the manufacturer, PIP, who made PIP silicone breast implants with industrial grade silicone, potentially affecting hundreds of thousands of women globally. PIP breast implants have been at the centre of extensive media attention recently.

At the turn of the millennium the FDA sent an investigator to inspect the manufacturing site in the south of France in May 2000. Subsequently, the FDA wrote to the founder of PIP, Jean-Claude Mas, with a warning stating that the implants were “adulterated” and listing at least 11 deviations from good manufacturing practices.

French Insurance to File Complaint on PIP Breast Implants

Article by
Kevin Timms
The French national health insurance agency has stated it will file a criminal complaint in respect of the PIP breast implant scandal, following the recommendation by the French health authorities that all 30,000 French women with PIP breast implants have them removed.

The French insurance agency will make its complaint on the grounds of deception and fraud. A director of the insurance agency said “It now appears pretty clear that these breast implants did not meet the specifications imposed for these products … That will surely have damaging consequences for the patients … and there will be a significant cost for social security also so in this context it is normal and natural for us to file a complaint”.

PIP Breast Implants – Venezuela recommends removal

Article by
Kevin Timms
Venezuela’s government has offered to remove, but not replace, PIP breast implants as a result of the risk of premature rupture.

Venezuela’s Health Minister said that there are concerns about early failure rates of PIP breast implants and that many PIP breast implants had been imported illegally.

Whilst the French authorities have confirmed there is no cancer risk associated with PIP breast implants, they have confirmed that the French government will pay for the cost of removing PIP breast implants from the 30,000 women in France with them.

Monday 26 December 2011

PIP Breast Implant Compensation Claims

Article by
Kevin Timms
PIP breast implants have been proven to be of a substandard quality. The French Health Authorities have recommended all 30,000 women with PIP breast implants in France to have their breast implants removed. However, the MHRA, the UK medical device regulator has stated there are no reasons for removal of PIP breast implants or even to have routine ultrasounds.

However, unlike the French authorities, the MHRA have only conducted testing on the toxic properties of the PIP breast implants and not the physical and mechanical properties.

Saturday 24 December 2011

PIP Breast Implant Scare Leads to Arrest

Article by
Kevin Timms
Interpol are seeking the founder of Poly Implant Prothese, Jean-Claude Mas for offences relating to “life and health”.

The warrant for Mr Mas’ arrest relates to the issues surrounding the PIP breast implants and global health crisis that these controversial implants have caused. In the UK it is thought that 40,000 to 50,000 women have PIP Breast Implants.

The French health authorities have recommended that all 30,000 French women have their PIP breast implants removed as a “preventative measure”.

Friday 23 December 2011

PIP Breast Implants – Update

Article by
Kevin Timms
The French health authorities have confirmed today that there is no associated risk of cancer with PIP breast implants. However, they acknowledge that there are inherent defects in the PIP breast implants and as such, have taken a preventative measure (rather than a precautious measure) to recommend explanation to all women who have PIP breast implants in France.

The UK medical device regulator, the MHRA, have not followed suit. The MHRA have today released a press statement that they do not believe there are health risks associated with PIP breast implants. However, they have failed to make comment on the French testing into the standard of these implants and their lack of durability. They have not taken any action to try and establish what trends are appearing with respect to PIP breast implants and have only relied on adverse incidents reported to them.

Tuesday 20 December 2011

PIP Breast Implant Register

Article by
Kevin Timms
If you have PIP Breast Implants join the National PIP Breast Implant Register. Simply enter your contact details and a member of our PIP breast implant team will call you back within 14 days to take your full registration details.

Garden House Solicitors have set up the National PIP Breast Implant Register in order to identify the true extent of how PIP breast implants are affecting women within the UK.

We will release the statistics found from the Register so that all those on the Register are kept up to date with its progress. We also intend to work with medical professionals in the near future and obtain an expert opinion on the standard of PIP breast implants in comparison with other breast implants on the market.

PIP Breast Implants – A Health Crisis

Article by
Kevin Timms
The Situation In France

There is now a health crisis reported in France in respect of the defective PIP breast implants.

Last week Professor Jean – Yves Grall, Director General of Health in France stated that 8 cases of cancer have been noted in patients who had defective PIP breast implants. The French Health authorities are now saying that all 30,000 women in France should have their PIP breast implants removed.

Monday 19 December 2011

PIP Breast Implants – what is wrong with them?

Article by
Kevin TImms
The French medical device regulator, AFSSAPS has conducted extensive testing on the PIP silicone breast implants. By June 2011 all their tests had been completed and they condensed the results into one Topical Report. This report showed that there were many issues with the PIP breast implants, including:

  • The silicone gel used in PIP breast implants is not the same as that described in the manufacturer’s design profile
  • The silicone gel used in the PIP breast implants does not reach the required degree of quality for a silicone gel intended for breast implants
  • The shell of the PIP breast implants is more fragile than it should be
  • The silicone gel used with PIP breast implants can react with body tissue causing an inflammatory reaction
  • There is an inherent irritant property within the PIP breast implants
  • The PIP breast implants have not been shown to be toxic
  • The PIP breast implant gel can perspire (ooze) through the implant shell and is most likely to occur during the first three years following implantation and is difficult to detect with an ultrasound or MRI scan

Friday 9 December 2011

All Breast Implants - MEDICAL DEVICE ALERT

Article by
Kevin Timms
The MHRA has reported that there is uncertain evidence that women with breast implants may have a very small but increased risk of anaplastic large cell lymphoma of the breast. The MHRA commented in a Medical Device Alert on 16 February 2011 as follows:

“The FDA recently published a Safety Communication entitled ‘FDA Medical Device Safety Communication:

Reports of Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) in Women with Breast Implants

Friday 2 December 2011

Rent Arreas and Possession Proceedings

Article by
Kevin Timms
Claiming Possession from Unpaid Rent Arrears

If you are evicting a tenant based upon unpaid rent arrears (2 months/8 weeks), the court will require a statement showing such rent arrears before proceedings are issued and before the court hearing takes place. You must note that in many cases the tenant will not pay the due rent arrears once vacating the property. There are a number of reasons why this may be but generally, if the tenant cannot afford to pay you in the first instance, they will be unwilling and unable to pay once you have possession. However, it is a formal requirement that a statement of account is provided to the court.

Thursday 1 December 2011

How to Obtain Order for Possession - Assured Shorthold Tenancies

Article by
Kevin Timms

The majority of private landlords are leasing their properties to tenants for a fixed period of time under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. An Assured Shorthold Tenancy allows landlords the right of possession after the fixed term has expired unless there is a reasonable ground to gain possession of the property during the fixed term. The contrast to this being an Assured Tenancy where the landlord does not have an automatic right to possession of the property when the tenancy comes to an end.

As many landlords will know, it is particularly difficult to obtain possession of their property by evicting such tenants when a problem arises, such as unpaid rent or the tenancy coming to an end and the tenant being uncooperative. In the situation where a landlord knows that rent will not be paid, there is an urgency to obtain a possession order so that the landlord may once again return to profit.