Friday 26 July 2013

Thank you!

Thank you so much to the local businesses and individual people who donated prizes for our Garden Party raffle.  The value of the raffle prizes donated exceeded £1,000.00 and helped us to raise over that amount for The Alzheimer's Society.

Please show your support to these businesses, and if you pop in please say hello from us!

Cut & blow dry – donated by Mannie Di Gesaro Saks, Hertford

Two bottles of wine – donated by Bradshaw Johnson Accountants

Bottle of red wine – donated by Ask Italian Restaurant

Garden Party 2013

Patricia Ling of Garden House Solicitors in Hertfordshire
Article by Patricia Ling

Garden House Solicitors hold a Garden Party on the first Friday of July annually to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society.  This year the Garden Party was held on 5th July and was attended by about 100 people including the Town’s Mayor, Patricia Moore.

Patricial Ling and Hertford Town Mayor Patricia Moore
Myself and Patricia Moore
The Garden Party was a huge success and we are enormously grateful to Waitrose Hertford and its customers for sponsoring the event through its Community Matters Scheme.  Thank you to everyone who attended and the local people and businesses who donated raffle prizes, we are delighted to report that we raised the sum of £1,020 for the Alzheimer’s Society.  The Garden Party was a chance for local people and business to meet the Garden House team in a relaxed and informal environment.  Afternoon tea was served and we received compliments from everyone on the delicious food.  Sharon and Erica served Pimms and bubbly and everyone enjoyed relaxing in the sunshine having a drink and a chat. 

Thursday 25 July 2013

Fatal Accidents and Claims for Bereavement Compensation

Specialist in Fatal Accident Claims
Article by
Nidhi Chopra

It is an extremely difficult time when a loved one passes away, but when the death is caused by someone else’s negligence or fault then natural feelings of bereavement are also accompanied by resentment and numerous unanswered questions.

When there has been a violent, suspicious, unnatural or a sudden death of an unknown cause, the death is reported to a Coroner who will make inquiries to establish the cause of death. The Coroner may hold an inquest hearing. Reports to the Coroner are often made by doctors, hospitals and the police. The victim’s family are able to review the reports and attend the inquest to hear the evidence.

Whether the death was caused through a road traffic incident, a hospital operation going wrong, or a workplace disease; if investigations and evidence suggests that the death was caused by someone’s negligence or fault, then the law has made provisions to allow bereaved relatives to claim compensation from the wrong doer to support them, as far as money can provide, for their future. 

What is a discretionary trust?

Discretionary Trusts Specialist
Article by
Chris Lucas

A discretionary trust is a trust set up whereby the trustees are given discretion over the trust fund, typically with regard to the payment of trust money to one or more beneficiaires. 

Who are the legal owners of the trust fund?
The trustees are the legal owners of the trust fund which can comprise of any assets, such as money, land or buildings.

What 'discretion' do the trustees have? 
Normally, the trustees will be able to decide how to use or invest the trust assets in the interests of the beneficiaries and how the trust fund should be distributed between the beneficiaries if at all.  Quite often, the person setting up the trust will have prepared a 'letter of wishes' to the trustees setting out how they would like the trustees to exercise their discretion. The extent of the trustees' discretion will depend on the terms of the trust.

Why use discretionary trusts?
One reason may simply be to allow the trustees flexibility to pay different amounts of income or capital to different beneficiaries. This can be useful if the future needs of a beneficiary is not known; for example a grandchild who may require greater financial assistance in the future.

Discretionary trusts are also particularly useful if one or more of the beneficiaries are not capable or responsible enough to look after money for themselves.  Common examples of this include a child or adult beneficiary with severe learning disabilities. In relation to the latter, particularly where a vulnerable beneficiary is in receipt of means tested benefits, a discretionary trust will enable the trustees to pay money to that beneficiary as and when required in such a way that the arrangment will not affect the beneficiary's entitlement to benefits. This is because the beneficiary would have no beneficial right to the trust money, rather a mere chance that the trustees might exercise the discretion in their favour. The situation would be very different in the case of a bare trust, where the beneficiary would have an absolute right to the trust fund.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Annual Garden Party 2013

An exciting date in the Garden House calendar is nearly here - our annual Garden Party on the 5 July 2013 between 1pm and 5pm!  Once again we are hosting a Garden Party to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Society.

Julie Retallick of Garden House Solicitors
Article by
Julie Retallick

There will be a raffle and an afternoon tea available.  Fingers crossed the sun will shine for us!   We were very lucky last year and currently we are forecast sun and 22 degrees.  Fancy a glass of Pimms in the sun?  If so, please join us?  We are delighted that the Mayor of Hertford, Patricia Moore, is joining us at 3 pm.  It will be a fabulous opportunity to meet old and new friends.  Just give us a quick call on 01992 422128 to confirm your attendance, so that we are able to cater appropriately.

For the past week I have been busy telephoning, emailing and personally calling into local business begging raffle prizes. I am delighted to say that local businesses have been very generous and we have some fabulous prizes waiting for you!
Fundraising Garden Party
Garden Party 2012

Last year we raised £538.00 and we aim to beat that this year, please help us by buying raffle tickets on the day.

Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease for all the family and I decided sometime ago that should I fall victim to this dreaded disease I would make sure that my grandchildren, two boys aged 8 and 6 would be well cared for.  Consequently I have made Lasting Powers of Attorney and a Will.  What about my own children I hear you say, well they have made their own way in life and are well able to look after themselves but I might leave them a little something!  Obviously I intend to enjoy life and if that means spending money I will, but I will definitely make sure that my grandchildren have that little pot to help them along the way and will think of me with love when spending my hard earned cash (hopefully)!