Wednesday 23 May 2012

Tripping Accident in Hertfordshire

Garden House Solicitors in Hertford
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Dave Koon Koon
Garden House Solicitors have recorded another successful case at Trial in relation to a tripping accident which occurred on premises owned and controlled by a Local Government Council in Hertfordshire.

The accident occurred in December 2007 and was as a result of insufficient lighting at the Council’s premises which caused the Claimant to fall into an open ditch.

The Claimant suffered back injuries as a result of his fall and instructed a firm of solicitors to pursue the matter on his behalf. The claim was denied and the Claimant advised that he had no hope of receiving compensation or recovering his financial losses for the medical treatment he paid for himself.
The Claimant was unwilling to accept the decision of the Local Government Council and Dave Koon Koon of Garden House Solicitors was instructed in July 2008 to pursue the matter on behalf of the Claimant.

Liability was again denied by the Local Government Council but following a thorough investigation the Claimant was advised that he had reasonable prospects of success and the matter was pursued to Trial where the Court gave judgement in favour of the Claimant in May 2012.

The Claimant was awarded compensation of £6,500 for his back injury and recovered his financial losses that he had paid for himself as a result of the accident. 

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  1. This article proves that you must never give up and everyone should follow the advice of Dave Koon Koon...
    If the claimant had given up he would be £6,500 out of pocket.