Monday, 9 July 2012

My first job in a law firm...

Article by
Amanda Carron
I was 18 years old when I attended my first official interview for employment at Garden House Solicitors in which I successfully achieved a job as a trainee legal secretary. I had gained some background knowledge of the legal world at college, however my colleagues at Garden House Solicitors helped me gain more in-depth knowledge and skills to become the best legal secretary I could be!

Now two years on I have been promoted to a fully qualified legal secretary within this firm, I am learning new things and gaining more experience each day. My roles keep extending and therefore my skills are increasing. 

Garden House Solicitors has provided me with many challenges and hard work and it’s a pleasure being a part of the great GHS team!

Tel: 01992 422 128


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  1. Good for you - congrats. This can actually serve as motivation for a lot of young people and a lot of new employees at law firms. I understand that you are probably fascinated by the working environment you have at your law firm but i can guess that with the right attitude and hard work this can happen anywhere.

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