Wednesday 31 October 2012

Who Will Look After my Dog When I Die?

Who Will Look After my Pet When I Die?
Article by
Sharon Brown

This is something nobody likes to have to consdier, but is a question I have been asked so many times by clients making their Will.  For many people, this is as important as deciding who will act as guardian for their children or who will get their money. 

If you have a spouse, close relative or close friend who likes animals you can simply ask them if they would take care of your dog should anything happen.  Some people to choose to leave a legacy to the person, as a way of saying thank you and to make sure that the person has sufficient money to pay for future vet bills. 

There are also a number of charities who offer free schemes whereby you can register with them during your lifetime and they will take care of your pets when you pass away.  Again, you may wish to leave a legacy to your chosen charity by way of a thank you. 
Examples of such charities include:

The Dogs Trust Canine Care Card – they promise to take your dog into their care when you pass away and to never have a healthy dog put to sleep.  Every effort will be made to find your dog a new home, with owners to match his or her lifestyle and needs. 

The Blue Cross Pets Into Care Scheme – the Blue Cross also promise never to destroy a healthy dog, and will do their best to find your pets a new home.  You can also register cats and small animals for the scheme, for complete peace of mind.   

Wood Green Pet Promise Scheme – here you can register as many pets as you wish, including cats, small animals and field animals. 

If you are considering such a scheme, take the time to talk to the charity and find out which scheme is best for you.  Please be aware, that if you adopted a dog from a rescue centre you are sometimes obliged to take them back to that charity if ever you cannot continue to look after them. 

Whatever decision you make for your dog and other pets, ensure your wishes are carried out by including your wishes in your Will.  If you wish to update or prepare a new Will contact me today by calling 01992 422128 or email

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