Thursday 16 May 2013


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Chris Lucas

It is important that nurses and other hospital workers are aware of the occupational hazards of working in hospitals and the duties owed to them by their employers. We have received many enquiries from nurses who have been involved in different kinds of accidents ranging from slips, trips and falls to unsecured equipment falling from walls in hospitals and x-ray machines being rolled over nurses’ feet.

Needle stick injuries are also an occupational hazard for nurses and other healthcare workers. According to the Health Protection Agency’s fourth Eye of the Needle report, there were 541 reports of needle stick injuries which exposed healthcare workers to patients carrying blood-borne viruses in 2011 alone.

Other hazards facing nurses include:
-          Exposure to x-rays
-          Handling of cytotoxic drugs
-          Exposure to infections
-          Splashes of chemical or bodily fluids into eyes
-          Back injury as a result of moving and handling patients
-          Assaults on nursing staff by violent patients

Both the NHS and private hospitals have duties to maintain safe systems of work and ensure that workplaces are safe for their employees. Of course, accidents do happen. If you are a nurse or healthcare worker who has suffered an injury at work, please do not hesitate to contact me for further advice.

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