Thursday 25 July 2013

Fatal Accidents and Claims for Bereavement Compensation

Specialist in Fatal Accident Claims
Article by
Nidhi Chopra

It is an extremely difficult time when a loved one passes away, but when the death is caused by someone else’s negligence or fault then natural feelings of bereavement are also accompanied by resentment and numerous unanswered questions.

When there has been a violent, suspicious, unnatural or a sudden death of an unknown cause, the death is reported to a Coroner who will make inquiries to establish the cause of death. The Coroner may hold an inquest hearing. Reports to the Coroner are often made by doctors, hospitals and the police. The victim’s family are able to review the reports and attend the inquest to hear the evidence.

Whether the death was caused through a road traffic incident, a hospital operation going wrong, or a workplace disease; if investigations and evidence suggests that the death was caused by someone’s negligence or fault, then the law has made provisions to allow bereaved relatives to claim compensation from the wrong doer to support them, as far as money can provide, for their future. 
An award for bereavement compensation is not designed to replace to replace the lost loved one but it has the intention to look after those dependant family members that have been left suffering grief, financially. Claiming compensation can assist the grieving family in maintaining a life style that they would have expected to live if their loved one was still alive and the money can be a considerable aid to the family.

By bringing a claim your financial losses and the cost of funeral expenses can also be recovered.

If you or a friend has suffered the misfortune of being this position then I will be happy to assist and take action by:

·         Corresponding with the Police and Coroner and obtaining the investigation reports
·         Guiding you through the evidence and coroner’s report
·         Attending the Coroner’s Inquest and asking relevant questions to the accused and investigators and seeking answers to give you a peace of mind
·         Considering whether you and any dependants of the deceased have a claim for compensation
·         Acting for you in bringing a claim for compensation
·         Dealing with the Probate or Administration of the Estate if there is no Will.  

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