Wednesday 28 August 2013

Five Key Questions About Forming A New Company

David Hughes of Garden House Solicitors
Article by David Hughes
How do I form a company?
The quickest, easiest way to do it is to buy one ready made from a company formation agent. This is called an ‘off-the-shelf company. You can fill in your details on their website and they will form a brand new company just for you.

What is a company formation agent?
It is the name for a business that does nothing else but form new companies. There are hundreds of them on the web. Just google for ‘company formation agent’.

Can I trust a company formation agent?
Yes. It is their day job to form new companies so they know what they are doing. The company formation process isn’t particularly difficult, but it is time consuming and a hassle for those who are not familiar with it.

How quickly will my new company be ready?
It can be formed in a day. The company formation agents are linked to Companies House via specialist software, so they can usually form a new company within a few hours.
How much does it cost?
Anywhere between £5-30, depending on what package you choose, and what extras you need. It would cost you more than this to try and do it yourself from scratch and it would take much longer to get the company registered - approximately 5 days.

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