Tuesday 18 August 2015

Accident on holiday

More than half of the people in the UK are expected to travel abroad this year and figures show that package holidays are often a first choice for friends and family alike when considering value for money and the types of activities, excursions and facilities available.
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Whether your holiday is a family holiday, for relaxation or sporting activities, suffering an illness or an injury while abroad will often result in the long awaited holiday being brought to a grinding halt. Accidents abroad can often be difficult as the law relating to personal injury differs from country to country but if the holiday is booked as a package holiday, that is to say to include a combination of either flights, accommodation, transport and transfers and other tourist services, then there is a level of protection implied which may entitle you to bring a claim for personal injury and/or death. This protection encompasses a number of different circumstances, albeit whether the accident occurs on the aeroplane, in the hotel, on an excursion, or even food poisoning, whereby you may be entitled to bring a claim.

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Article by Lucy Walpole
If you begin to feel unwell during your holiday, please contact your tour operator’s representative immediately. A representative will often be available at your resort and will be able to provide you with initial advice and get you the appropriate medical attention. Should you wish to bring a claim it is important to obtain as much evidence as you can and retain all documents and receipts of expenses incurred. Ensure that you receive a copy of the accident report form and any photographs or contact details of witnesses to your accident.
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