Wednesday 2 September 2015

No Win No Fee – What does that mean?

Looking for free legal representation in a personal injury claim? When it comes to litigation cases like personal injury, solicitors cannot act for free but they can act under agreements that are commonly known as No Win No Fee agreements.
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But what does No Win No Fee mean?  It means that we agree to take on your case and do not charge you for our time and expenses until you win your claim. When you do win we take the benefit of the general costs rule in litigation which is that the losing party pays the winner’s costs. We therefore submit our bill of costs that would otherwise be payable by our client, to the opposition party to pay.  The opposition party generally only have to pay our ‘reasonable costs’ which means that they will do their best to reduce our costs to what they consider to be reasonable. If we cannot reach an agreement on what costs are reasonably incurred then the matter is taken to court and before a judge to make that decision.
If you do not win your claim, your solicitor will be the ones that are out of pocket!  For that risk of taking on your claim we charge a success fee, which is usually the fee that is
deducted from any compensation received. The success fee will be a sum equal to a percentage of our costs. That percentage is calculated based upon the risks of the claim, and may increase if the case becomes more difficult as the case progresses.
A success fee however will never be more than 25% of your compensation.
Here at Garden House Solicitors we like to keep our funding arrangements simple so that you can understand what you will be required to pay and when. If you need any advice on personal injury claims or no win no fee agreements, do not hesitate to call us on 01992 422128 or email Nidhi Chopra

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