Wednesday 18 November 2015

Have you had an accident because of high winds?

Storm Barney unleashes hell on Britain with 80mph gusts and crippling floods.  Strong winds can cause damage to buildings, trees and roads which can increase the chance of accidents occurring resulting in injury to individuals.

Trees are frequently blown down during high winds, they often fall onto the highway or the pavement. Large trees falling on cars and/or pedestrians cause injuries and they are often life threatening.

High winds are often overlooked by drivers as dangerous. Drivers can lose control of their cars and be pushed off the road, more often than not one or more other road users are also involved in these types of collision. It is a fact that a larger vehicle is more likely to be involved in an accident in relation to high winds and the larger the vehicle the more catastrophic the outcome.

The Department of Transport, Highways Agency and the County Council owe a duty of care to road users to institute and maintain an adequate system of inspection of trees.  Failure to identify a tree at risk of falling in high winds exposes these agencies to a claim for damages.

Garden House Solicitors have successfully represented many people who have been injured in accidents due to fallen trees in strong winds. Nidhi Chopra is an expert in handling claims of this nature. If you have suffered an accident caused by a fallen tree please contact Garden House Solicitors on 01992 422128 or alternatively contact Nidhi on
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