Tuesday 29 March 2016

Is rugby now too dangerous for children?

There has been a recent rise of head injuries in children which occur as a result of injuries suffered during contact sport in school. The UK Government has selected rugby as a sport it will be focusing on to increase the prominence of competitive sport in schools.

More than 70 health experts around the country have written to the Government urging a ban on tackling in school rugby matches due to the high rate of injury. These injuries may include fractures, spinal injuries and head injuries which could have long term consequences for children.

Nazmin Chowdhury of Garden House Solicitors
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Nazmin Chowdhury
Each year around 700,000 people are admitted into hospital with a head injury in England and Wales and many other head injuries go undetected. This has been a cause of worry as children are more likely to sustain head injuries due to their active nature, particularly those who play contact sport. 

What symptoms to look out for

Signs of a brain injury after a blow to the head include:
·         Brief loss of consciousness
·         Memory loss
·         Disturbance of vision
·         Confusion

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