Monday 2 January 2012

Fuel Additive May have been used with PIP Breast Implants

Article by
Kevin Timms
The PIP breast implant scandal continues to unwind as a French radio station, RTL, has reported that PIP breast implants have used a fuel additive. There is however, no link to cancer and therefore no immediate risk to women with PIP breast implant.

RTL has stated that Baysilone, normally associated with the oil or rubber industries, was found in the breakdown of a PIP breast implant.

PIPs lawyers has denied this stating that the substances used in PIP breast implant silicone gel are normally found within the food industry and used with lipstick.

RTL commissioned a PIP breast implant to be examined by a chemistry and toxicology researcher. The researcher has alleged that the PIP breast implant gel included Solopren and Rhodorsil and this may be the reason for the high rupture rates.

The French authorities have registered 1,143 ruptures and 495 inflammatory reactions from the implant.

Tim Goodacre who is advising the government on the PIP breast implant scandal told the BBC that the failure rate was “quite out of the ordinary” and that the implants should be removed on a “staged basis”.

PIPs lawyer has said the allegations regarding PIP breast implants using a fuel additive are unfounded.

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