Saturday 14 January 2012

PIP Breast Implant – “Health Before Wealth” – The Harley Street Protest

Article by
Kevin Timms
Approximately 60 women went on a Harley Street protest today in an attempt to pursued private cosmetic surgery clinics to remove and replace faulty PIP breast implants.

The protesters staged their protests outside the Harley Medical Group and the Transform Medical Group, two if the largest cosmetic surgery clinics providing PIP breast implants. Both clinics have refused to replace PIP breast implants free of charge.

The Harley Medical Group has provided PIP breast implants to almost 14,000 women.

Many women cannot afford to have their implants replaced and in any event, clinics have a legal duty to cover the costs of revision surgery, compensation for personal injuries and other financial losses associated with problems with the PIP breast implants.

Many clinics have stated that they cannot afford to replace PIP breast implants or pay for scans. However, they have failed to mention that their losses are recoverable from their PIP breast implant supplier.

If you have PIP breast implants and wish to make a claim against your clinic please call us on 01992 422 128 or email us: .

We are interested to hear your thoughts on whether you think the clinics can pay for revision surgery or how you think the matter should be handled – please put your comments below.

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  1. It's these kinds of events that taints the plastic surgery industry's image. The UK's plastic surgeon association should launch a safety campaign, similar to the US which can be read here:

  2. People have breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons and regardless of what that reason may be, women should not be left without replacement implants.

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