Saturday 31 March 2012

Specialist Personal Injury Solicitors in Hertfordshire

If you have suffered a personal injury which was not your fault and you live in Hertfordshire be sure to contact Garden House Solicitors to make a personal injury compensation claim.

Garden House Solicitors are specialist personal injury solicitors based in Hertford, Hertfordshire. This means that we can come to you to take instructions in your personal injury compensation claim.

When an individual experiences a personal injury, whether in Hertfordshire, elsewhere in the UK or abroad, our clients are reassured that we take a personal interest in their wishes and the way in which our advice is conveyed to them, whether over the phone, by email, in the office or in the comfort of their own home.

Sustaining a personal injury is not only difficult for the person who has sustained personal injuries but for the friends and family of the injured person. Sadly, some personal injury claims involve an injured person who is admitted to hospital for a considerable period of time. If such an injury has been sustained by someone you know, we can come to the hospital to take instructions. Our goal is to make things as straight forward and as stress free as possible for our clients.

We handle claims on a No Win No Fee basis and are acclaimed for the service we offer our clients.
If you have had a personal injury contact our specialist No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors serving Hertfordshire today on 01992 422 128 or email us at

Please take a look at our Personal Injury page for details of our Personal Injury Compensation Claims services.

Tel: 01992 422 128

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