Wednesday 7 March 2012

Metal on Metal Hip Implant Update

Article by
Kevin Timms

The MHRA issued further advice on metal on metal hip implants, such as the DePuy ASR and Finsbury ADEPT hip implants, on 28 February 2012. The advice is that patients with a metal on metal hip implant should be monitored every year for the life of their hip implant.

The Clinical Director of the MHRA has confirmed that “patients have a small risk of suffering from complications from having metal on metal hip implants”. She further said that the MHRA has “updated patient management and monitoring advice to surgeons and doctors that they should annually monitor patients for the lifetime of their metal on metal total hip replacements”.

Many patients with metal on metal hip implants develop progressive soft tissue reactions to the metal wear debris associated with the metal on metal hip implant. This can lead to difficult revision surgery for the metal prosthesis.  Experts have suggested that the early revision of poorly performing metal on metal hip implants should provide a better revision outcome.

If you have been provided with a metal on metal hip implant such as a DePuy ASR, Finsbury ADEPT, Corin Cormet or Zimmer Durom and have been experiencing problems contact Kevin Timms to discuss your prospects of bringing a metal on metal hip implant compensation claim. 

We are also investigating claims where the hip implant used was not a metal on metal hip implant. 

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