Wednesday 13 June 2012

Employee Compensated for Injury from Cactus Sap

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Dave Koon Koon
I have just settled a claim that was reported in the local press.

My client was injured after the sap from cacti he was pruning entered his eyes whilst at work.

At the time of the accident my client was employed as a landscaper by a well known multi national company and was sent to do a job without any warning as to the danger posed by the toxic sap produced by the cacti.

His employer breached several Health and Safety laws, which included not providing any personal protective equipment and in addition to the claim made for personal injury his employer was also prosecuted by the local Council and duly fined for those breaches.

As a result of coming into contact with the toxic sap my client suffered chemical burns to his face and arms and an eye injury.

After arranging for my client to be examined by an expert ophthalmologist it was discovered that in addition to the injury to my client’s eye he also suffered damage to his tear ducts and would require the permanent use of artificial tears to lubricate his eyes.

In settling the claim I included the cost of my client’s future requirement for artificial tears and the total claim was eventually settled for a five figure sum.    

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  1. This is a sad story - I always feel sorry for employees when they get injured through no fault of their own.

    It is frustrating also, as there are many suppliers of personal protective equipment in the UK and there really is no excuse for not providing the correct PPE to people.

    Sarah Walker