Monday 25 June 2012

R3 Acetabular System Recalled by Smith & Nephew

Article by
Kevin Timms

The metal liner component of the R3 acetabular hip implant system manufactured by Smtih & Nephew has been recalled as a result of an unacceptably high early revision rate.

The MHRA released a Medical Device Alert on 25 June 2012 informing the medical profession of the recall.

It is reported that 281 of the R3 metal liners have been implanted in patients in the UK. Statistics show that there is a high premature revision rate associated with the R3 acetabular hip implant system with a revision rate of 6.3% at four years.

For those who have a metal liner component of the R3 acetabuler hip implant system, the advice is the same as that for all metal on metal hip implants. Blood metal ion testing should be carried out to test the levels of cobalt and chromium. For patients with levels above 7ppb there is a risk that there is a potential soft tissue reaction and a further cobalt chromium blood tests should be carried out three months later. If cobalt and chromium levels remain high (or are higher) a further investigation should be carried out with use of imaging. Where imaging shows an abnormality, revision should be considered with the patient’s surgeon.

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