Monday 19 November 2012

Seeking Professional Legal Advice after an Accident

Article by
Dave Koon Koon
I have recently come across an increasing number of employers who are trying to settle claims for personal injury, directly with their employees, without once mentioning to the employee that they should seek independent legal advice.

We have seen this scenario before by way of ‘third party capture’ where the Defendant’s insurance company contacts the injured party directly offering to pay them off before they seek legal advice and in either scenario accepting the offer directly from the Defendant or their insurer, without seeking legal advice, leaves the injured party at a very serious risk of being under compensated.

In addition to not being adequately compensated my concern is that the injured party may be losing out on the chance of seeking funding for the rehabilitation or medical treatment they may need and usually the need for rehabilitation or medical treatment is only highlighted once the injured party is examined by a medico legal expert.

I have managed to secure funding for a wide range of medical treatments which can vary from physiotherapy, osteopathy, cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling sessions, dental treatment, ophthalmic care, scar revision surgery and various other surgical procedures.

If my clients had accepted the offers made by the Defendant, without first receiving legal advice, they would not have been able to afford the cost of the medical treatment that they required and their recovery would have possibly taken much longer.

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