Tuesday 12 March 2013

Finsbury Adept 12/14 Modular Head – Medical Device Alert

Article by
Kevin Timms

The UK medical device manufacturer has issued a formal Medical Device Alert in respect of the Finsbury Adept 12/14 Modular Head, a component used in the Finsbury Adept Total Hip Replacement. This is a metal on metal hip implant.

Whilst the Medical Device Alert has not specifically said this is a formal recall of the Finsbury Adept metal Modular Head, it reaffirms the Urgent Field Safety Notice issued by Finsbury Orthopaedics on 15 January 2013 that the Finsbury Adept metal Modular Head should not be implanted and all affected devices should be returned to DePuy International Limited.

Whilst a different manufacturer, DePuy International Limited purchased Finsbury Orthopaedics Limited in 2009. DePuy is the manufacturer of the recalled ASR metal on metal hip implant, in which Garden House Solicitors are already bringing claims.

Garden House Solicitors are instructed by a growing number of patients who have been injured as a result of the Finsbury Adept metal Modular Head when used as a total hip replacement and are forming a group action against the manufacturer.

If you or someone you know have suffered adverse symptoms as a result of these implants, whether you have had revision surgery or not, please contact Kevin Timms for free advice on whether you could bring a claim against Finsbury Orthopaedics Limited and join a group of claimants suffering from similar problems.

Kevin is also instructed by individuals with the Finsbury Adept resurfacing metal on metal hip implant and non approved Finsbury Adept Total Hip Replacements.

Kevin can be contacted on 01992 422 128 or at kevin@gardenhousesolicitors.co.uk.


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