Thursday 7 January 2016

Worries about 'revenge porn' addressed on Coronation Street

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Patricia Ling
Coronation Street ran a storyline in November about 'revenge porn'. A young woman was being blackmailed by a former boyfriend who had taken explicit photographs of her during the course of their relationship and then threatened to publish them on social media sites. The character involved went through a nightmare for weeks on end worrying about how she would be perceived if the images became public. In the end, the photographs were published because the character had faced up to her ex and refused to be blackmailed by him. After he had published the images on social media sites, she reported him to the Police and he was arrested.
Taking explicit photographs of someone and threatening to publish them without the person's consent is a criminal offence. English law protects photographers through the law of copyright but only to the extent that their work is not immoral or being used in a criminal manner.  The photographer owns the copyright of photographs taken for a period of 70 years after his or her death except where they are taken in the course of employment in which case the copyright is owned by the employer. How the photographer uses the images taken is another story and may result in criminal charges being brought against the photographer, as in the example referred to above. Furthermore, anyone who takes or possesses pornographic photographs of a person who appears to be under the age of 18 years can face prosecution under the Protection of Children Act 1978, this is a serious offence and can result in imprisonment.

If you are the victim of revenge porn and or if someone is threatening to publish explicit photographs of you on social media sites contact Garden House for advice.

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