Tuesday 9 February 2016

Do you know your rights with redundancy payments?

Being made redundant is a worrying process and an area that can be difficult to understand. 

If you have worked for your employer for two years or more then you would qualify for redundancy pay. The amount you will receive is based on age and length of service. 

If you are:

- Under 22, you would receive half-a-week’s pay for each full year you have worked 
- Over 22 and under 41, you would receive one week’s pay for each full year service 
- Over 41 or older, you would receive one-and-a-half weeks’ pay for each full year 

Nazmin Chowdhury of Garden House Solicitors in Hertford
Article by Nazmin Chowdhury
For Statutory Redundancy Pay, the maximum number of years is capped at 20 years for calculating the amount payable. The maximum payable per week is capped at £475, which means the maximum statutory redundancy payable is £14,250. 

Garden House Solicitors have successfully represented many people who have been made redundant. If your employer has consulted you in a possible redundancy situation and you wish to seek advice, please contact Garden House Solicitors on 01992 422128 or email Nazmin@ghslaw.co.uk

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