Monday 19 December 2011

PIP Breast Implants – what is wrong with them?

Article by
Kevin TImms
The French medical device regulator, AFSSAPS has conducted extensive testing on the PIP silicone breast implants. By June 2011 all their tests had been completed and they condensed the results into one Topical Report. This report showed that there were many issues with the PIP breast implants, including:

  • The silicone gel used in PIP breast implants is not the same as that described in the manufacturer’s design profile
  • The silicone gel used in the PIP breast implants does not reach the required degree of quality for a silicone gel intended for breast implants
  • The shell of the PIP breast implants is more fragile than it should be
  • The silicone gel used with PIP breast implants can react with body tissue causing an inflammatory reaction
  • There is an inherent irritant property within the PIP breast implants
  • The PIP breast implants have not been shown to be toxic
  • The PIP breast implant gel can perspire (ooze) through the implant shell and is most likely to occur during the first three years following implantation and is difficult to detect with an ultrasound or MRI scan
The clinical complications of the PIP breast implants can be:

  • Implant rupture (including silent rupture)
  • Siliconomas
  • Inflammatory reactions and effusions
  • Lymphorrhoeas
  • Pain
  • Lymph node disorders
  • Delayed wound healing

However, each person is an individual and can be affected by their problems with their PIP breast implants in different ways.

AFSSAPS recommendations are that every woman with PIP breast implants should obtain an ultrasound every six months. It is important that these scans are carried out even in the absence of adverse symptoms.

Garden House Solicitors have issued a group action claim in the High Court in London and have been instructed by women with PIP breast implants since early 2010. We are compiling a confidential register of those who have PIP breast implants to record the scale of the problems with the PIP breast implants in the UK. We can also assist those who register with us with a claim against their implant provider under pre existing legal expense insurance or a no win no fee agreement. Register your details with us here.

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