Wednesday 28 December 2011

PIP Breast Implants – Venezuela recommends removal

Article by
Kevin Timms
Venezuela’s government has offered to remove, but not replace, PIP breast implants as a result of the risk of premature rupture.

Venezuela’s Health Minister said that there are concerns about early failure rates of PIP breast implants and that many PIP breast implants had been imported illegally.

Whilst the French authorities have confirmed there is no cancer risk associated with PIP breast implants, they have confirmed that the French government will pay for the cost of removing PIP breast implants from the 30,000 women in France with them.

Sources have suggested that between 40,000 and 50,000 women have PIP breast implants in the UK and over 300,000 women throughout the world have them. PIP breast implants have been banned throughout the world as a result of the implants being filled with industrial grade silicone, which makes PIP breast implant more liable to rupture.

Venezuela’s Health Minister, Eugenia Sader, said “patients are at risk”.

PIP breast implants have been sold throughout the world in 65 countries. In Brazil, up to 25,000 women are thought to have PIP breast implants and in Argentina a group of 50 women have threatened to bring legal action if they are not provided with free replacement implants.

PIP breast implants have also been sold extensively throughout Western Europe including Spain, Italy, Germany, and Ukraine, in addition to France and the UK.

The MHRA and the UK authorities have not followed the same course of action as France and Venezuela by recommending the removal of PIP breast implants. For this reason, Garden House Solicitors have set up a National PIP Breast Implant Register to enable us to obtain more accurate figures of how many women are likely to be affected by PIP breast implants within the UK. The MHRA have stated that only 1% of women with PIP breast implants in the UK have sustained a rupture whereas the French authorities have found (following extensive testing on PIP breast implants) that 10% of PIP breast implant are liable to rupture within one year. Garden House Solicitors aim to establish the position within the UK. For further information on the National PIP Breast Implant Register please click here.

Garden House Solicitors are bringing PIP breast implant compensation claims against the private cosmetic surgery clinics that provided patients with their PIP breast implants. We currently have a group action in the High Court in London and are receiving numerous enquiries from other women who wish to make a PIP breast implant claim. If you are interested in making a PIP breast implant compensation claim please contact Kevin Timms on 01992 422 128 or email Kevin at

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