Friday 23 December 2011

PIP Breast Implants – Update

Article by
Kevin Timms
The French health authorities have confirmed today that there is no associated risk of cancer with PIP breast implants. However, they acknowledge that there are inherent defects in the PIP breast implants and as such, have taken a preventative measure (rather than a precautious measure) to recommend explanation to all women who have PIP breast implants in France.

The UK medical device regulator, the MHRA, have not followed suit. The MHRA have today released a press statement that they do not believe there are health risks associated with PIP breast implants. However, they have failed to make comment on the French testing into the standard of these implants and their lack of durability. They have not taken any action to try and establish what trends are appearing with respect to PIP breast implants and have only relied on adverse incidents reported to them.

Garden House Solicitors have set up a National PIP Breast Implant Register, separate from the PIP breast implant claims process, to try and establish what is going on with PIP breast implants in the UK. We hope that once a substantial number of women are on the National PIP Breast Implant Register we can work with medical professionals to get a better understanding of how these implants are affecting women across the UK. If you know anyone with PIP Breast Implants please direct them to for details of the National PIP Breast Implant Register.

Garden House Solicitors have received extensive press coverage with respect to both the Group Action we have in the High Court in London and the National PIP Breast Implant Register. Our coverage has included the national papers, prime time news and a variety of other media fronts.

Kevin Timms who is part of the PIP Breast Implant team at Garden House Solicitors has another live interview on the BBC News Channel between 5.00 and this evening. Kevin has also played a prime role in setting up the National PIP breast implant Register.

Women concerned about problems they may be experiencing should contact their surgeon for medical advice. For further information about making a PIP Breast Implant Compensation Claim or to be included on the National PIP Breast Implant Register please see our website or view the other posts on this blog.

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