Thursday 23 February 2012

The True Cost of Beauty

Article by
Dave Koon Koon
It is the fundamental right of every individual to be compensated for the negligent act of another which causes them injury.

Many people may be aware of claims that can be made due to an injury suffered in a road traffic accident, an accident at work or even an accident in a public place but many are unaware of their rights when it comes to injuries caused by beauty treatments.

You may believe that the beauty treatments you have on a regular basis are not potentially dangerous but typical examples of beauty treatments which have led to injuries include:

  • Facial/eyebrow/body waxing;
  • Eyebrow/eyelash/hair tinting;
  • Eyelash/hair extensions;
  • Tattoo/body piercing;
  • Semi-permanent make-up;
  • Hair treatments.

As the use of very strong chemicals is prevalent in many beauty treatments the injuries that can be caused may be very traumatic and even in extreme cases fatal and are usually the result of unqualified staff, poor management/supervision, bad practices and lack of safe procedures.

Typical examples of injuries from negligent beauty treatments include chemical burns, scarring, which may unfortunately be permanent and hair loss.

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