Friday 17 February 2012

Nearly 3,000 NHS referrals for PIP Implants following Private Surgery

Article by
Kevin Timms
Over 2,800 women have sought assistance from the NHS where their private cosmetic surgery clinic no longer exists or refuses to assist their patients.

The Health Minister, Anne Milton, said “Most patients who have been forced to get help from the NHS … seem to be choosing not to have their implants removed”. She also stated “This appears to show that these women are getting the reassurance they need from speaking to an expert or having a scan”.

What the Health Minister fails to understand that the NHS is only offering removal of PIP implants and therefore anxiety and emotional trauma is likely to continue for women who wish to have their implants replaced. This, like the data the Government is relying on when advising women with PIP implants is based on false assumptions. It also shows a clear lack of understanding, on the part of the Health Minister, of the issues women are concerned about and how women are feeling after NHS consultation.

This has been illustrated by Fazal Fatah, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (“BAAPS”). Mr Fatah said “These figures show that a significant proportion of patients have not had the help and reassurance they need and deserve from private clinics … Judging by the number of completed episodes and removals, it’s clear that only very few are opting for removal without replacement, which is entirely unsurprising”.

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