Tuesday 14 February 2012

What is Wrong With PIP Breast Implants?

Article by
Kevin Timms
The European Commission has engaged the services of the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks to compile a report (“the Report”) on breast implants manufactured by Poly Implant Protheses (“PIP”).

The Report was published on 1 February 2012 and deal with the primary problems with the PIP breast implants.

The Report found that the evidence available indicates that many PIP breast implants were manufactured from industrial grade silicone which is of lower quality than medical grade silicone.

The PIP breast implant silicone is lower quality than medical grade silicone because it appears to be associated with a higher content of low molecular weight components. The Report concluded that the shell of PIP breast implants might be weakened as a consequence of the migration of these components and that the components could leak to the surrounding tissue. The French have conducted tests on the physical integrity of the PIP breast implant shell which showed a weakness in PIP shells not found in other implants available.

As regard toxicity effects the Report concluded that there is no risk of cancer or other toxic effects but there are irritancy features associated with the PIP silicone gel. This has the potential to cause local irritancy which may manifest in sore or enlarged lymph nodes. The Report stated that the positive result in an irritancy test for women with PIP breast implants are currently uncertain and further investigation is required.

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  1. I have never before seen this information presented so clearly as it is here. Now I can better understand my girlfriend's implants. She got breast implants in Chicago and I never knew much about the process. Thanks for the post!