Sunday 2 October 2011

23 year old man injured by toxic sap from giant Cacti suceeds in case against Rentokill Initial PLC

A man who worked for a pest control company is seeking compensation from his former employer, Rentokill Initial PLC after he was nearly blinded by a cactus. He is represented by Dave Koon Koon of Garden House solicitors.
Carl had been pruning a giant cacti in a Milton Keynes shopping centre when the incident occurred.
As he cut into the cacti toxic sap squirted from it and went into his eye causing burning to his cornea. He had to be treated in hospital and was blind in one eye for a week. He also had to take six weeks off work to recover.
Carl had not received training on how to prune the cacti and was not given safety goggles, the Company has been fined £12,000 by the Health and Safety Executive for breaching safety regulations and also court costs.

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