Sunday 2 October 2011

Wells and Young's Bottled Beers - Recalled Due to Health Fears

Wells and Young’s have announced that they have recalled numerous bottled of beers produced since 4 January 2011 due to a quality issue which may result in fragments of glass being found in a number of bottles.

For a detailed list of the products affected and their best before dates please see the list enclosed below.
If you are concerned that you may have suffered an injury from glass within one of these bottles or you have suffered injury from any drinks, food or other defective product you may be entitled to make a product liability claim.

An increasingly large number of people are suffering injuries as a result of food an drinks products which are defective. This may include food and drink products which do not have an adequate or appropriate allergy warning or have dangerous substances or materials which are dangerous to the health of consumers. Such dangerous materials may include glass, plastic or metal which were not intended to be included within the food or drink but have nonetheless be introduced to the product (accidentally or otherwise) during the manufacturing process.

If you are concerned that you have suffered an injury from a faulty or defective food or drinks product or any other defective product you may be entitled to make a product liability claim. Should you wish to discuss you possible claim further please contact Kevin Timms in the product liability team at Garden House Solicitors or email him at


(Ref) (Best Before Date)
Wels Bombadier Burning Gold (500ml)
L1011 14.10.11
L1018 21.10.11
L1033 04.10.11

Wells Bombadier (500ml)
L1004 07.10.11
L1005 08.10.11
L1011 14.10.11
L1012 15.10.11
L1017 20.10.11
L1018 21.10.11
L1032 03.11.11
L1033 04.11.11

Young’s Ram Rod (275ml)
L1009 12.10.11
L1010 13.10.11

Courage Light Ale (275ml)
L1010 13.10.11
L1026 29.10.11
L1027 30.10.11

Courage Best Bitter (500ml)
L1006 09.10.11

Young’s Light Ale (275ml)
L1010 13.10.11
L1011 14.10.11

Courage Directors (500ml)
L1007 10.10.11
L1018 21.10.11

Mongoose Premium Lager (330ml)
L1025 25.10.11

Mongoose Premium Lager (670ml)
L1027 27.10.11
L1028 28.10.11

Wells Banana Bread (500ml)
L1021 24.10.11

Young’s Bitter (500ml)
L1020 20.01.11

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout (500ml)
L1012 12.01.11 Tel: 01992 422 128

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