Sunday 2 October 2011

Deed not Breed

The issue of dangerous dogs and protecting the public has posed a problem for legislators for many years.
The number of attacks on members of the general public and in particular children have steadily risen over the last 5 years and we at Garden House Solicitors have had first hand experience dealing with the aftermath of what can be a traumatic and life changing experience.

But a review of the current law is currently underway that will hopefully provide greater protection to members of the public.

Under the proposed changes the options for consideration are the introduction of Dog Control Notices; mandatory third party insurance for all dogs; the mandatory microchipping of all dogs; the extension of a dog owner’s liability to attacks which take place on the property of the dog owner and more effective enforcement of the existing law.
It is hoped that with a change in the law dog owners would have to take a greater level of responsibility for their dogs but the proposed changes do not go far enough as they relate to specific breeds of dog and in our experience dog attacks are not breed specific.

Your right to compensation and rehabilitation should not be affected by the fact that the breed of dog that attacked you is a specific breed of dog, we consider breed to be irrelevant and consider that it is the dog owner’s lack of control over their dog that is the major issue.

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